Crucible is Amazon’s New Multiplayer Battle Royale Game

Amazon launched its first-ever PC shooter game, and we couldn’t be more content. Crucible is a battle royale game initially announced three years ago. 

At first glance, the game resembles other battle royale games. The only difference is that Crucible has PvE elements in its in-game progression system. Here is what you need to know. 

Crucible Features and Other Details

According to GameSpot, Crucible is more than fighting the other team. Players have to fight lots of beasts and monsters present in the game. Fighting those PvE beasts offers players all the necessary elements to rank up their team and make it more steady and lethal on the battlefield. Players are advised to choose well their weapons and strategies.

Crucible will have up to 10 characters, each with a distinct playstyle, role, and skills. Players can choose to possess as many characters as they want. But, for the team composition, sometimes having too many characters isn’t a good idea. 

The characters have various strengths and weaknesses. All of them have mixed skills and uses. Meaning, there are characters specialized in defense, while others can heal. It is also worth saying that some characters are better at attacks. They’re also designed to be useful at more different roles. The whole thing is that players will never feel like they’re losing too much if they choose the type of character they like the most. 

Crucible is a special place thanks to its powerful resources, dubbed Essence in the ground, which can affect the plants and animals. Such an essence is precious because it also turns traveling around the planet very profitable. Simultaneously, the game is dangerous due to the fierce competition for collecting the Essence. And this is where the “Hunters” characters appear. 

Amazon’s new game, Crucible, will be released on May 20 as a PC exclusive on Steam. 

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