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CS: GO and PUBG PC Are The Most Played Games In The World Now

When talking about the most played games, the first name that could come in mind can be for sure, CS: GO. In the category of the most active players, CS: GO is occupying the first place on the list. Even if we are talking about a game that is not new anymore, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is attracting players every day, and the list is still growing. So, according to the Steam Chart, CS: GO is on top of the games thanks to the significant number of players. PUBG PC is also there, in the second position.

CS: GO and PUBG PC Are The Most Played Games In The World Now

Until CS: GO to ascent on the first place in the Steam Chart, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was the game that had the first position. However, things change, and now CS: GO is having 576.260 players besides PUBP PC that has 528.138 players. The latest steam chart was updated on 14th January 2020, so the numbers are official and real.

However, this means a descending trend for PUBG that is now in second place, while in the third place, we have Dota 2. The game has 459.943 players for now, and it is closing the top three positions on the steam chart. The other games are ranking more than 300 K players. Also, if you are curious about the fourth place, Monster Hunter: World is occupying that position with 224.111 current players.

Summing up, it appears that the beginning of the year 2020 is looking good in the games department. As we can see, the first-person shooter games have a boost. Also, a great start of the year is for CS: GO, which we have now in the first place. Besides this, the number can change and differ.

CS: GO’s numbers can increase, as we can see after watching the charts and refreshing. The number of current players is now at 626.336, while its maximum was in April 2016, with 850.485 players recorded playing the game. And we think that the game will attract more players to the game thanks to the latest updates and changes in the Studio Map.



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