Custom Chips Will Make MacBooks More Flexible Than iPads

The iPad was introduced by Apple as a device in the middle ground between the iPhone and MacBooks, capturing the portability of the former and the productivity capabilities of the latter. Apple’s marketing tried to convince people that the iPad comes with the best of both worlds, but users weren’t convinced.

However, the use of a unified family of chipsets across Apple devices will allow the manufacturer to bring some of the most popular features of iPads to MacBooks, a step that could make them more popular in the following years.

Flexible features

One of the major features provided by iPads is the ability to use several times at the same time on the screen. While they have fixed size on the iPads, users can resize them on MacBooks, which is a major perk for multitasking lovers.

While it is unlikely that Apple will add a rear camera on MacBooks to bring augmented reality features, MacBooks remain popular among many users, especially those who require powerful hardware for demanding editing apps. However, the matter of prices also needs to be taken into account.

Price matters

The optimization of MacBooks will offer more benefits in the long run once Apple silicon is ready for use, and but it is unlikely that the iconic laptops will become more affordable. Even if Apple cuts its costs with the new chipsets, it is likely that the development of new features will keep the prices high.

Affordability is one of the key features that make iPads great, as entry-level users have the option to purchase capable devices at a price that is considerably lower in comparison to that of the more expensive Pro models. However, Apple manages to release a new MacBook model priced at $800 or less; it might be more than enough to attract interested customers. Only time will tell what will happen.

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