Cyber Hunter 0.100.375 Update Brings The New Havoc League

Many people love to play video games on their smartphones as they offer a fun way to spend some time during a break or while going from one place to another. Some titles can provide a calm experience while others are injected with thrills and adrenaline.

Cyber Hunter is a futuristic battle royale game that changes the rules by offering interesting mechanics that will keep players engaged and willing to return to the game again and again for one more match.

Enter the fray

Enter the fray and enjoy an interesting take on the battle royale genre as the game takes place in an alternate universe where advanced technology was used to change humanity. Every player has access to unique powers that can make a difference.

There are lots of skills that can be chosen. Vanish into thin air with the help of Optical Camouflage. Rush into a fight head-first by using the Quantum Barrier, which can keep harm away. Anticipate approaching enemies by finding them on your personal radar, or deploy a medical tool that can heal extensive damage in a few seconds.

Rule the heights

An exciting parkour system will offer the option to climb on any vertical surfaces found in the game. Any building can become a vantage point. Evade a risky situation with the help of a handy roll mechanic and run away or go back to score some kills. Several biomes types offer unique opportunities.

There is a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal, including assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns. There are also special weapons that can offer a unique tactical edge, among which we can count Absolute Zero, Falling Star, and Destroyer. Keep an eye on your surroundings as weapons and ammo can be found in interesting places across the map.

The 0.100.375 comes with the Havoc League and a new season pass.

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