Cyberpunk 2077 Tyger Claws Gang Was Showcased In A New Video

Who Are The Tyger Claws?

YouTuber Madqueen has discovered many details about the Tyger Claws and published them in a recent video.

The Tyger Claws are among the few legions of dangerous factions in Cyberpunk 2077 best left alone.

The deeply-woven Japanese backstory and a cybernetically-focused culture of the Tyger Claws make them one of the versatile and ruthless foes from Night City’s underbelly.

Considering the open-world fueled by greed, manipulation, and transhuman integration of Cyberpunk 2077, it looks like the Tyger Claws ran away with these themes.

The Gang’s Location

The gang appears to be saddled over the Westbrook turf of Night City, also referred to as “Japan Town.” Many people believe that the Tyger Claws are a future equivalent of Yakuza.

The gang is lethal and well-equipped thanks to its ties to Arasaka, one of the game’s many multibillion-dollar corporations fueling the aggressive and corrupted mindsets of Night City.

For reference, at some point, Night City was referred to as “Arasaka-Ville”, proof of the company’s immense influence.

Madqueen’s Observations

Madqueen related in her video that the “Tyger Claws are as deadly as armed corporate guards or the city police. The average skill in combat of a member of this booster gang is one of a veteran; they are well-prepared and trained by the best of the best.”

After all that’s been revealed, it’s clear that the Tyger Claws are one of the many complex and exciting crews from Cyberpunk that we can’t wait to encounter!

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