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Death Stranding Director, Hideo Kojima, Plans To Continue The Game’s Story

Death Stranding is the upcoming action game developed by Kojima Productions. We still have to await the release of the game for PlayStation 4, but the director Hideo Kojima already makes plans to continue the game’s story.

When Kojima tried to explain how the game will look like and how the action of the game will look like, he referred to the term ‘Strand Game.’ Even if that term wasn’t something we heard about it back then, it might now have a meaning.

The action of Death Stranding takes place in an open world. Kojima presented a short story to explain the central theme of the game and to offer the first two tools created by humans. The first tool, a stick, had the power to protect humans against the bad things. The second tool, a rope, was meant to secure the essential items found by them.

Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding Director, Revealed His Plans To Continue The Game’s Story

It’s quite an unusual concept, but Kojima explained the simplicity of the game. So, the stick represents the ways to fight against bad things, and the rope is the way people communicate in the game. The director stated the game would have some similar features with some games, and the mechanics inspired by other games. But the genre of the game will be brand new, and the developers will reveal it in June.

To be categorized and recognized as a new genre, the game must have at least one sequel, and, according to Kojima, that is the toughest part. But it’s not impossible: ‘Yeah, probably at least 1.5, and then 2, maybe, at least so that it remains and people are aware of the genre.’

Until Death Stranding releases, we will find out more details about it. The last place where a presentation of the game took place is the Tokyo Game Show, where Kojima also revealed 50 minutes of gameplay.



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