Demon’s Souls New Gameplay Trailer is Here: What to Expect

There are only a few weeks until the big launch of Demon’s Souls, and we get a new gameplay trailer.

Sony released the new trailer for the much-awaited remake, and everything seems fantastic! According to the trailer, we can spot some boss fights, re-envisioned locations, and enemies that we’ll encounter along the quest.

Here is what you need to know.

Gameplay Trailer Details

Sony’s recent move is quite intriguing. The company seems to push the Demon’s Souls as a significant and essential title on the PS5. It also represents a massive change from Sony’s initial stance on the PS3.

The new trailer brings us closer to the main character, taking us through the incredible Stonefang Tunnels and other locations. We can also see a boss fight and the character finding the Armor Spider.

PS5’s features

The new gameplay trailer puts in the spotlight the ray-tracing and the jump in the next-gen console’s power. The Armor Spider, for instance, highlights some cool features by spewing out fireballs. Similar to the original entry, the Armor Spider appears to be weak to magic attacks.

Rare items to collect

The video shows the player traveling through the area, and the well-known Crystal Lizards can be spotted. If the player dies, some rare, cool items can be collected from the lizards to build up armors and weapons.

The Flamelurker

The Flamelurker is a popular Demon’s Souls boss that expects players to defeat him in a unique arena. The boss is agile and very fast and will likely be a challenge for most players.

The trailer ends with a short montage of opponents we can expect to meet in the game, including a Mind Flayer, Gold Skeletons, and the Blue Dragon.

You can watch the trailer below:

Demon’s Souls will be launched for PS5 users on November 12.

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