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Destiny 2 and the Festival of the Lost: What Should You Know

Destiny 2 welcomed the Festival of the Lost today (October 6). The event offers players the opportunity to play a returning activity while getting some themed gear.

Destiny 2’s spooky Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, features tons of amazing content, including unique masks, cosmetics, and updated weapons.

Festival of the Lost usually takes place at a different time, shortly after the arrival of the annual expansion. But this year marks an exception, and the event coincides with the Season of Arrivals. Here is what you need to know.

Festival of the Lost: New Content

Eva Levante will be again the event handler as she’ll set up a decorative stand in the well-known Tower Courtyard. This year, however, will begin with The Spider on The Tangled Shore.

Completing that challenge will grant you a new emblem and the chance to earn Cipher Decoders from any activity completion. This event currency will allow you to open chests at the end of a Haunted Forest run (limited-time task). Returning Guardians will know well how the Haunted Forest “works,” but this time around, they can open five chests at the end of a run. 

The Haunted Forest is nothing but a randomly generated and timed challenge. You have to clear as many branches as possible before, of course, the timer runs out. The more branches you clear, the more chests available to open you’ll get. 

Masks will also return, and there will be new ones to collect as well as previous versions. Eva Levante will offer you the Masquerader Helmet, that will accept any mask as a sleek ornament. 

Other available content includes the Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf, the Festival of the Lost auto rifles, and armor ornaments.

You’ll be able to finish Festival of the Lost bounties from Eva to receive extra Bright Dust. Every Eververse item will be available at least once for Bright Dust, except for the Silver-exclusive “One-Inch Punch” finisher.



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