Destiny 2 Expansion Will Be Available On Next-Generation Consoles For Free

Destiny 2 has been experiencing an impressive resurgence in recent months, after Bungie, the developer behind the title, decided to cancel their partnership with renowned publisher Activision. While the initial deal involved a ten-year partnership, Activision didn’t appear to be pleased by the financial performance of the title while Bungie wanted creative independence.

The split was announced in April, along with the Shadowmoon expansion and the transition to a new economic model. New players have the opportunity to enjoy a core section of the game for free, while those who wish to access additional content will purchase expansion packs.

Growing player base

While some were skeptical about the move, the transition to a free-to-play model has been quite beneficial for the title as many new players have decided to join the game and showed interest in the expansion content, allowing Bungie to continue to develop the title as it wants.

Those who are looking forward to the next generation of consoles will be happy to learn the Bungie has announced the development of Destiny 2 ports for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

Great news

Bungie offered several announcements recently, sharing more details about the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 and some of the new features that will be available during the Season of Arrivals. One of the highlights offered by Bungie was that Destiny 2 will arrive on the next-generation consoles with overhauled graphics and new optimizations that will take advantage of the new hardware and software configurations.

What even better is that players who opt to purchase the Beyond Light expansion for the Xbox One and PS4 will have the option to transfer it on the Xbox Series X for free via smart delivery and will receive a free upgrade for the PlayStation 5. The announcement also marks a major milestone as Destiny 2 will be the first cross-buy title for the PS4 and PS5.


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