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Destiny 2 – When Will “The Lie” Be Over?

Destiny 2 players are enjoying the 10x multiplier spree weekend for the new secret community quest that is the first stage of “The Lie,” an adventure that culminates with a spectacular prize – A Destiny 1 Iron Banner shotgun!

Players had to complete 3 million Seraph Tower events for each planet. The end is just around the corner, so much so many people have started guessing when will it all be finished.

Here are the latest official numbers (as of May 17):

  • EDZ: 100% (3 million)
  • Moon: 86% (2.6 million)
  • Io: 19% (560 thousand)

Predictions – Worst Case Scenario

Our worst-case prediction says that the event will be over by Monday evening, which might get delayed because of possible issues with Io instancing.

We think that the event won’t take more than that since the overall pace will probably accelerate rapidly when the community realizes that there’s only one last planet left.

However, that prediction will stand up only if the 10X multiplier will extend to Tuesday at reset like Destiny “weekends” tend to do.

“Medium” Case

Another possibility is that the event will be over by Monday morning, as gamers outside the United States will be pitching in while the western continent is sleeping.

Best Case

The ideal scenario is to finish the event on Sunday night if the Moon wraps up in the following hours, which would facilitate progress.

Extra Steps

Still, you have to do more to get the gun. The community quest is just the beginning. There are many debates about that since some details are unknown for the moment. However, though the community is excited about the weapon, many expressed their complaints about the event. Some say that Bungie hasn’t adjusted the game according to its evolution.



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