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Developers say that the PS5 is the easiest console to make games for

Developers from overseas say that the PS5 is a piece of cake to make games for, especially because it shares a similar architecture with the PS4

Sony is working hard to make the development of raw 8K games for the upcoming Play Station 5 easier for developers.

 Sony’s opinion

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony executive, has had an interview with Dengeki Online, confirming that developers are steadily transitioning the development of their games onto the following high-end platform from the Japanese manufacturer.

This proves that the system shares a great part of its architecture with its predecessor, the PS4, even though the PS5 features AMD’s new RDNA 2-powered Navi and Zen 2 CPU SoC.

Sony went through extreme lengths to develop accessible software and efficient synergy between both of the systems. 

Common features

Even though the Play Station 5 might be bundled with full next-gen hardware, it borrows a great deal of the iterative fashion of the PS4, especially with native PS4 backward compatibility support, OS functionality and toolsets for games-making. 

It’s imperative that Sony makes it easier for developers to scale upcoming games for both PS4 and PS5, alongside the latter’s exclusive new enhancements (like ray tracing lighting details, 8K output, variable shading) and many others. 

Devs will likely release two different versions of their games: one for next-gen consoles (with enhanced capabilities) and one for current-gen consoles (with details scaled down for optimal performance).



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