Diamond Digger Saga 2.96.0 Update Brings Gameplay Improvements

Many gamers from all over the world are familiar with the legendary Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga mobile games released by King, who offer a fun gaming experience that will help players to relax.

Diamond Digger Saga offers a refreshed take on the iconic match-three gameplay that has made Candy Crush Saga titles a hit among players. Join Diggy on a fun journey as you explore underground puzzles and play with valuable gems that can be combined to create impressive combos.

Search for treasures

An errant treasure map inspires Diggy to explore the underground and begin a hunt for exquisite treasures! Help Diggy to tackle challenging puzzles and dig through gems by combining three or more to reach the target score and move to the next levels.

The game comes with colorful graphics that will please your eyes and a fun gameplay experience as you combine gems, unlock powerful boosts, and use a variety of items to beat some of the more difficult puzzles. Keep an eye open while playing as powerful boosters and valuable treasures can be hidden across the level.

Interesting twist                                          

An interesting twist to the gameplay formula is represented by the fact that you need to plan your moves very well, as you also have to guide water through the empty spaces left after matching blocks to reach a channel and move to the next levels.

The gameplay is easy-to-pick-up but hard to master, as there many levels that will test your skills. Sign-in with a Facebook account to compete against your friends and prove that you are a dedicated player by climbing to the top of the leaderboard. It is easy to play across several devices as your data will be synced automatically.

Several gameplay changes are included in the 2.96.0 update, which is available for everyone!

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