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New EU Regulations Might Force Apple to Kill the Lightning Cable

Chances are you have read headlines today stating how the EU is trying to force the American tech colossus into ditching the Lightning cable, but this is far from true.

The whole scandal actually started from chargers, and Apple already has a very potent lineup of their own.

Roots of the scandal?

The European Commission kept trying to convince tech companies to adopt a single, universal wall charger instead of manufacturing a proprietary method.

However, a recent statement from the Commission at Parliament called for more stringent enforcement of the concept, perhaps to the point of regulation.

Unfortunately, many publications misinterpreted this and spread fake news that Apple will have to ditch their Lightning ports and afferent cable, thus being forced to switch to USB type C. 

The misunderstanding

First of all, the statement was never about phone cables or connector ports (in contrast to past years).

Apple tried to keep up with users’ demands and made a Micro USB to Lightning adapter.

However, all the fuss was about wall chargers: Back in 2009 there were over 30 proprietary means of charging in use, but now there are only three.

The problem is that old, discarded chargers make up for a total of about 51,000 metric tons of e-waste per year.

Therefore, users should keep in mind that the days of the lightning port and cable aren’t necessarily numbered, except if Apple wants so, of course.



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