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Discord 30.1 Beta Update: New Features and Bug Fixes

The Discord 30.1 beta update is already rolling out widely on the Google Play Store. The new update adds some sleek new features and bug fixes.

If you didn’t install the update yet for some reason, feel free to download an APK file. Discord promises to offer an even better experience while using the app. Here is what you need to know. 

Discord 30.1 Beta Update: What’s New

The Discord 30.1 beta update introduces some excellent new features. The Voice Overlay is now available on all Android devices. Videos can play “inline” in a chat with and have an extended screen mode. 

As for the bug fixes, the Discord 30.1 beta update promises to enhance your experience within the app. That’s why more keyboard bugs were fixed, some rotation crash was solved, and reconnecting to a voice call should keep a muted state. 

You can install the Discord 30.1 beta update using an APK file from websites such as APKMirror. 

Discord So Far: Why is the App So Good?

Discord works flawlessly with mobile and desktop platforms, mixing the features of a chat lobby, a VoIP chatting system, and a message board into a single app. The app’s popularity has only increased in recent years, with the app now reaching almost 100 million registered users. 

Managing big groups of people is clearly where Discord shines the most. For instance, when you create a Discord server, you can also create separate channels with various access permissions for different users. Such a thing prevents well-known servers for displaying everyone in one colossal message thread or voice-chat channel. 

Moreover, if you want to play with only a few friends, Discord is an excellent tool for maintaining tabs on who’s available to play. The app can notify other players of what game you’re currently playing, so they don’t have to check three different programs to view who’s online and what everyone is doing. And if your friends are all playing different games, you can pop open another voice-chat channel while still texting with them. Neat! 



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