Discords Rebranding Seeks To Make The Service More Inclusive

For a long time, Discord has been associated with gaming as the popular service has been enjoyed by millions of gamers from all over the world since it was launched. However, it seems that the company plans to drop the focus on gaming in an attempt to make the platform more inclusive.

Gamers were the core audience for the platform since its beginning, a fact that has been acknowledged in a post shared on the official Discord blog. In time, other groups of people have joined the service and created servers where a variety of topics are discussed, including art, books, TV series, and more.

Refreshed experience

The main aim of the rebranding is to deliver a streamlined user experience and simple templates that facilitate the creation of new servers. Jokes related to gaming culture will be present, but the number will be decreased.

User safety is also a major focus for Discord as the the blog post also mentions that more steps will be taken to prevent racists, white supremacists, and other negative groups from using Discord to spread hate or toxic messages that could affect the well-being of the community.

More value

It was also mentioned that the rebranding is also a result of the shifts related to the number of users in recent months. A large number of new users have selected Discord for communication purposes in recent months without being gamers or part of a gaming group.

There are also higher aims as it appears that Discord seeks to become a mainstream choice instead of a platform that appears to be dedicated to gamers. Recent data mentions that the company has secured $100 million in funding, an achievement that may push its stock market valuation beyond $3 billion.

Investors always expect rewards for their money, and there is a lot of pressure on Discord to rise up to those expectations.

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