Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Is Now At A $300 Discount

Even though Samsung’s Galaxy S20 lineup is upon us, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is still a very performant and attractive device. People who passed off the chance to purchase one for $300 off last month have another chance to get the same convenient price on a new handset. The three versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ are on sale: The 128GB model, costing $700, the 512GB version that costs $950 and the 1TB model priced at $1300. All of these great offers are available on Amazon.

The advantages of this offer

In contrast to many other deals, the devices that are part of this campaign come bundled with Samsung’s limited U.S. Warranty and are factory unlocked, which means that they will work with all main carriers in the US.

However, only the Galaxy S10+ is on sale. Those who are looking for one of its smaller siblings are in bad luck. Nevertheless, the offer is available for all color options, which means that you don’t have to pay extra to have a phone that suits your style.

Expiry of the offer

If you are interested in the offer, make the most out of it as soon as you can! It is set to expire at the end of today. Time to crack open the piggy bank!

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