DOTA 2 Auto Chess — Best Hero-Class Combos

DOTA 2 Auto Chess has encountered some new changes that are impacting the game in specific measures. For instance, Elemental Mage was in the overpowered (OP) category, but now it has been nerfed. Damage of Razor’s Plasma Field has also decreased, and another nerf in the class-combo took place as well.

Some players have complained about the Beast Master’s ax, which is OP, and Tiny’s original HP leveled up. Also, Phantom Assassin and Anti-Mage now have leveled up armor. Troll Warrior’s armor has also increased by 5, and it is now balanced.

In all honesty, the nerf was not extremely required because Troll can sometimes be incredibly rare, and some players simply play the game with one level Troll. Perhaps nerfing the armor and making it more accessible would bring more balance.

Numerous players have reported the TB being broken. However, it is only overpowered a little, and positioning is crucial for it. TB takes a while to use the metamorphosis, and then it needs a bit of space to hit free.

Three Best Hero-Class Combos in DOTA 2 Auto Chess

Troll – Warlock

Troll – Warlock has always been one of the most OP class-combo in the game, and the developers have not changed that. Even so, Troll has been nerfed with the armor, and this should impact the combo a bit; it doesn’t, though, if you have two other Warriors in the team.

Lycan is perhaps the best option out there. It is of high level and makes a great combo with Venomancer. Spawns two units that aid in winning a more significant edge, and the Warrior Class comes with the armor he is lacking.

Mech – Goblin – Assassin

The Mech – Goblin – Assassin​ combo is a bit more powerful than the simple Gobin – Mech or Goblin – Assasin. Gobin – Mech​ doesn’t have the burst damage and falls down incredibly quickly after the mid-game, but if it has Assassin covering the area, the combo is perfect. It is also simpler to get Gobin – Assassin and Mechs are accessible in the early game as well.

Warlock – Assassin

​Warlock offers players a lot of burst damage, besides demon power and a lot of life-steal. Combining Assassin with Warlocks can never go astray; you can also choose to go with a 6 Warlock – 3 Assassin combination, or 3 Warlock and 6 Assassin team. Both are functioning incredibly well.

​This combo manages to deal a lot of damage in a short period. Both Physical and Magical damage is made quickly, which leaves the opponents clueless. Assassins are great in any combo, by nature, as they will get behind the enemy line and kill the protected character first. They are also a good match for the Hunters.

If you have items such as void stones, get it to the spell-casting heroes. They can regenerate the mana more quickly and cast the spell faster than they usually do. You can also either Shadowfiend or Qop. However, do not put them in the Warlock – Assassin team, because Demon class have access to their power when they are the only Demon in the board.

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