Dragon City 10.4.2 Adds New Stat Boosts And Content

There are lots of interesting games on the Google Play Store, but few manage to capture the interest of people for a long while. Enter Dragon City, a popular title that offers the opportunity to collect and breed an impressive amount of cute dragons.

Start your journey by creating a new home for your dragons on one of the floating islands present in Dragon City. Build massive farms and other buildings that will offer all the resources which are needed to create and breed a veritable dragon army.

Amass a collection

With more than 1000 dragons, there is plenty to collect and breed as you expand your city. New dragons are added to the game every week via breeding event, or special islands, so there is always something new to catch and collect. Exciting adventures will offer the opportunity to collect fresh dragons via Dragon Quests.

Dragons can be decorated with a variety of shiny skins that drop from special events and are really impressive. New dragons can be tried with the help of the Tree of Life, which allows players to summon dragons from strange worlds and try their skills.

Make them stronger

Take advantage of the excellent advancement systems to make your dragons better by using orbs. As you progress through the game, you will gain access to new features like the Ancient World and the Guardian Dragon Towers.

Social elements will enhance the gameplay experience. Enter Alliances with other players and wage battles against other Dragon Masters, trade orbs with the help of the Trading Hub, open Alliance Chests, and much more. With the help of a smart sync system, you can enjoy the game across all compatible devices, without the need to start from scratch.

The 10.4.2 update comes with new stat boosts for the Empowerment system, a new dragon feed screen, and a quicker way to access the Training Center.

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