Dragon Mania Legends 5.8.0f Update Brings A New Dragon Tribe

There are many games developed for Android devices, but few manage to capture the interest of players in the long run, as they run out of the content or become too stale.

Dragon Mania Legends offers the opportunity to explore a long-forgotten island that houses a large number of adventures and fascinating Dragons that can be discovered, collected and trained to assemble a mighty team that can fight across different worlds and defeat any foes that may come on your path.

Excellent gameplay

Establish and develop a marvelous city in a world full of magic and dragons. Collec new dragons, breed them and earn upgrades to create a powerful team. Dragons love attention and players can feed them, pet them and cuddle them to earn additional rewards and bonuses that can make the team even stronger.

Gather your dragon crew and enjoy an exciting journey as you climb to higher leagues, earn new levels and improve your city. There are lots of mission with fun objectives and useful rewards that will keep players busy for a long while as they continue to improve their dragons.

Exciting features

Dragons learn from past experience, and you can visit the Academy to make them even better. Augment the flying skill to make them more nimble and take them to the Dragon School to teach them new moves and attacks that can devastate enemies and ensure the path towards victory.

Work together with other players and join a Clan to tackle difficult objective together. Discuss the best approach on the clan chat or share the latest updates about your favorite dragons and learn new tips and tricks that can make your team even better.

The latest update for the title, 5.8.0f, comes with a new Dragon Board event and a long-lost tribe of Ancient Dragons.

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