Dreams For PS4 – Update 2.10 Is Live!

Dreams has slowly turned into something of a hit among the gaming community. Developer Media Molecule kept improving the game with updates, and they have just released patch 2.10 for the game. We are here to tell you what is new!


First of all, you might be happy to learn that an annoying bug that caused occasional crashes was finally eliminated. Aside from that, a bunch of Imp Quests have been changed, for the better, as they are now easier to accomplish.

Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the latest update of Dreams:

  • Updated: Adjustments to certain Imp Quests, making them easier to complete and reducing the number of creations you’ll need to publish.
    • Set Them Free: You’ll now only need to release one Public creation. Change also reflected in associated trophy.
    • I Have An Idea: Only one piece of feedback is needed now to complete this Imp Quest. Change also reflected in associated trophy.
    • You’re A Contender: You’ll only need to enter one Community Jam to complete this Imp Quest.
  • Updated: More Info text is now displayed correctly in all languages for the Sun Shadow Scale vs Detail tweak.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements”

As you can see, a lot was changed, and the good news is that the new update has an insignificant size! It will take up only 100MP worth of your PS4’s disk space.

That also means you’ll be able to update the game in a matter of minutes or even seconds if you have a high-speed internet connection.

Make sure to give the Imp Quests another try, as you might enjoy them more now since they have been nerfed a bit.

Are you ready to materialize your dreams with the help of the game’s engine?

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