Dropbox New Updates: Document Scanner on iOS, Dark Mode, and More

Dropbox got updated, and the new features are said to be the best. From Dropbox Passwords, Vault, image search, Transfer, to dark mode, the app experience is surely enhanced. 

Dropbox is a praised and reliable file hosting service that offers file synchronization, cloud storage, client software, or personal cloud. The service has some of the best free and paid plans, and is updated regularly. Here is what you need to know about the latest updates. 

Dropbox Scan

The official Dropbox app has had a document scanner feature for quite a while. The new update, however, introduces a standalone document scanner app. 

The scanner app allows users to scan documents such as files, receipts, legal agreements, notes into PDFs, IDs, photos, and more. Users can also upload all their documents to Dropbox with a Basic, Plus or Professional Dropbox account and open them on all their devices. 

Dropbox Scan is now available on iOS only. It still unknown where the app will be available for Android users. 

Dropbox Transfer

The Dropbox Transfer is already available in the Dropbox iOS app for Pro users and on the web, but the devs decided to bring the feature on the Dropbox mobile app for all users. 

Dropbox Transfer allows users to share files up to 100MB, and some paid plans get up to 100GB/transfer. 

Dropbox Passwords

Dropbox Passwords will be available to all Dropbox Professional and Plus users starting next month (August). The upcoming app will use zero-knowledge encryption for securely managing users’ passwords. 

Dropbox Vault is another app that helps users protect sensitive files with a PIN. The app will be available next month (August) to Dropbox Plus users. 

Dropbox Dark Mode

Dropbox has already announced the dark mode available only for iOS users. No word when such a feature will start rolling out on Android devices, but we should expect an update soon. 

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