DualShock 5 Rumors Resurface After New PS5 Speculations

The latest speculations have resurfaced about the PS5, and fortunately, two of them can ve verified. DualShock 5 could arrive with a context-adaptive trigger feature according to a patent posted by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

The license regards two appeals for the triggers, among other things, explicitly rising and object cutting mechanics. According to ResetEra sites “gofreak” member, the precise power must be put to hold or strike through things, while the controller will allow haptic feedback and context-specific audio. For example, the license utilizes an electric circular saw, with the controller adjusting haptic feedback the saw does through an object, and its sound, too.

PS5 will come as compatible with the DualShock 4, according to some reports related to RespawnFirst. Such a thing would place the PS5 on standard with the Xbox Series X, which Microsoft has already announced will also run with Xbox One controllers. By doing that, the company would also save some money for those who have additional DS4 controllers. It could also allow the chance of purchasing a second-hand DS4 more cheaper and utilizing it as a secondary/tertiary controller on PS5.

DualShock 5 Expected Features

The latest speculation, however, looks like it was merged with the plan of the DS5 being backward compatible with PS5’s predecessor, as well. Many sites have indicated to PS France announcing such a thing in a PS4 help page, which has since been changed. We’ve got Wayback Machine verifies that PS Frane posted DS5 compatibility, so we’re still uncertain why such speculation has resurfaced almost three years later. Probably, it could have been an error because it was recently changed.

The DS4’s compatibility with PS5 is likely the most believable rumor. The addition of context-adaptive triggers would possibly improve immersion, although they seem notably like the DS4 Back Button Attachment that Sony introduced back in 2019.

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