Dying Light 2: Developers Introduce the Idea of “New Dark Ages”

If we keep in mind the fact that the game is still thriving and there are millions of people that are again playing the game every month, it’s really not a surprise that Dying Light 2 is in works right now.

The game is simply called Dying Light 2, and it is going to hit the market in spring 2020. It was very popular at the E3 2019 showcase, when the new trailer dropped, which really showed that the delay is worth it.

We are here to tell you everything we know so far about Dying Light 2 and its release.

About the release date

Initially, developers wanted to launch the game in 2019. However, its release date has been pushed to Spring 2020.

This actually means that the sequel could hit the market anytime between March and June. We really want it soon, so we keep our hopes high

The news that the release date was going to be delayed came with the new gameplay trailer. This was the first look at the city and at the infected protagonist called Aiden Caldwell.

Techland was also the one to confirm that Dying Light 2 will be launched for Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5, so be sure that the graphics will be flawless.

About time and setting

Techland describes the time period that the game is set in as the “new dark ages”, where society has been dragged back into a Hobbesian state of nature by the zombie apocalypse. The sequel is set in the city of Harran, the very same Ottoman styled city that featured in the original game.

Techland was also the one to describe the period of time. The game has this idea of the New Dark Ages, where the society has been dragged back a lot by the zombie apocalypse. The sequel is going to be set in the city Herran, which is the very same Ottoman styled city, which was also presented in the original game. However, there’s one difference: 15 years have passed, and humans are now as dangerous as zombies.

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