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Epic Games Store Freebies Encourage Sales On Other Platforms

The Epic Games Store giveaways have been quite popular among many gamers. While the platform lacks some of the features that can be found on Steam, an impressive amount of people have become customers after enjoying a title that was offered for free.

Diversity plays an important role in the long run, and the free games program has offered a generous variety of titles, ranging from indie games and classic titles to high profile AAA games like Grand Theft Auto V, Civilization VI, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder, has shared a few interesting insights recently.

Great for the industry

Some gamers may be wary of purchasing titles that don’t seem to be in accordance with their tastes. However, when the Epic Games Store gives the games away for free, many gamers will give these games a try and discover that they like them. Sweeney notes that this is great for developers since pleased fans will share their opinion and encourage other people to buy the title.

Positive feedback will also increase the sale of these games on other platforms, including consoles and other digital consoles. This is great for the developers as they can make a higher profit, which can be spent on the development of new titles.

The gift of gifting

The giveaway program was inspired partly by the Humble Bundle and GOG storefronts. While these platforms had more features than the Epic Games Store at launch, they failed to conquer a significant percentage of the market in the long-run, despite excellent prices and occasional freebies.

As such, a more aggressive approach was chosen for the Epic Games Store, as the free games program and timed exclusives have attracted a large number of users. While some gamers complained about the exclusivity deals, the strategy was great in the long run as the Epic Games Store has a 15% market share.






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