ES File Manager Update Comes With New Bug Fixes

Many Android smartphone owners use their devices to store a significant amount of data. Photos, videos, songs, and documents are only a few examples of the files that could be stored on your device, and at some point, it may become a bit hard to navigate through them.

ES File Explorer is an excellent file managing and file explorer app that is a solid choice for any smartphone owner. Join more than 500 million users and boost the performance of your device while also enjoying useful features.

Powerful file manager

Take control over your files with a robust file managing option. Explore the files collection on your device and perform operations like copy, cut, or delete with a few types. Built-in viewers and players will offer the option to open any type of file without the need to use a separate app.

Send files to other users fast with the help of the Sender feature. You can transfer movies, images, documents, and much more without the need to use mobile data or cables. Unlike other apps, ES File Manager can also transfer files by creating a hotspot instantly.

Packed with features

Access files remotely as the app is compatible with some of the largest cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, DropBox, and One Drive, to name a few. Enable the remote manager feature to access files on your smartphone via computer.

Root users will enjoy complete access to the root level as they browse all the data directories and change permissions according to their wishes. Want to transfers file by using Bluetooth? You can copy files easily and browse the entire file library on compatible devices without using other apps. There are also a few performance option, including a task killer, cache cleaner, and much more.

The Update comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements

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