Everything We Know About Diablo IV

A signidicant part of Blizzard’s reputation was established by the release of Diablo and Diable 2, two stellar RPG titles that introduced many of the features which are now a stable for the ARPG genre.

The third entry in the franchise had a rough start, but fine-tuning, and several patches have made Diablo 3  a game that offers a solid experience. However, several years have passed since the title was released, and many Diablo fans are looking forward to Diablo IV.

In the making for a long while

Blizzard announced Diablo IV officialy at BlizzCon 2019, confirm rumors, which stated that the popular developer has been working on the title for a while. However, it was stated from the start that the game is still in the early ages of development, and it will not be ready for a while.

In true Blizzard fashion, no release date was offered, as the company prefers to release the games when they are finished instead of promising launch dates that have to be postponed due to some reason or another. For now, it is known that the title is being developed for PC and the current generation of consoles, and ports for the PS5 and Xbox Series X could be announced at a later date.

Gameplay and characters

Diablo IV will mark a return to the darker roots of the franchise, with an accent on the gothic and horror elements that were an important part of the first two titles. Some elements from the third game will remain as the title will offer a shared open-world where players have the freedom to decide what content they want to do.

Three classes have been confirmed by now in the form of the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid, each with a signature playstyle and an impressive amount of customization offers.

Besides expansion packs, one of the lead designers has also mentioned the ability to purchase cosmetic items via micro-transactions.

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