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Everything You Need To Know About The Google Pixel 5

After months of waiting Google has showcased Google Pixel 5 as well as several other devices during a recent live stream event. Google Pixel 5 is real and ready to tackle the market in a surprising way.

While some Android fans may have expected another flagship, it seems that Google has decided to follow a mixed strategy as the device comes with upgrades and downgrades in comparison to its predecessor, the Pixel 4. However, it remains a great choice for many potential users.


Two-color choices will be available in the form of Sorta Sage and Just Black. While most smartphones sport a glass or plastic back, Google went with recycled aluminum, which is a surprising choice. Metal tends to prevent wireless charging capabilities, but the Pixel 5 jumps over the obstacle by offering a small hole within the rear that facilitates the charging process.

IPX8 water resistance is present, allowing users to keep the device under water for 30 minutes. A 6-inch Full HD panel is present on the form. It is quite bright thanks to the use of OLED technology and packs an always-on feature as well as a 90Hz refresh rate.

Camera and other specs

A 12.2MP dual-sensor is present on the rear and accompanied by a 16 MP ultra-wide sensor. Night Sight and Portrait have been mentioned, and an 8MP selfie shooter is available on the front.

Flagship fans might be disappointed by the presence of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB o internal storage space. Google didn’t announce other storage variants, and there is no support for a microSD card. The 4,080 mAh battery should keep the device usable during the day. An 18W fast charger is included in the box. It also comes with Android 11.

Pre-orders are available along with a $699 price tag.




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