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Explore the World of Warcraft Hallow’s End: Daily Quests, Candy Buckets, and More

World of Warcraft welcomes the newest edition of Hallow’s End, introducing many cosmetics and daily quests.

Hallow’s End 2020 celebrates Halloween and keeps us trick-or-treating through many regions and confronting the Headless Horseman. It’s an excellent opportunity to have some fun and spend unique moments within the game. 

Even if we won’t step into the Shadowlands too soon, the recent pre-patch comes with sleek changes and stuff. Here is what you need to know.

Daily Quests

You’ll notice that at every World of Warcraft starter town, there is quite the task waiting for you!

The Shade of the Horseman will frequently attack and set many buildings on fire. Then, the “Masked Orphan Matron” NPC will come with a task to start those fires. 

Doing that will cause the Shade of the Horseman to become attackable, and more quests will be available. 

The quests will bring you some cool Tricky Treats (event currency).

Candy Buckets

More than 100 of candy buckets await to be discovered across all Azeroth and other regions. 

Finding the buckets will bring you some Trick Treats and other sleek Hallow’s End cosmetics like the instant Magic Broom mount. 

You’ll also get the chance to “Trick” or “Treat” after completing the candy bucket quest. 

The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman can bring you more Tricky Treats, but you should know that facing him is quite challenging.

You must knock his head off 3 times to ultimately defeat him. The first daily victory offers a “Loot-Filled Pumpkin” with various masks and Tricky Treats. 

The Headless Horseman’s pumpkin can contain unique items such as a one-handed sword and plate helm around level 82. The Horseman can drop, too, several rings.

Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get “The Horseman’s Reins,” considered one of the rarest mounts in the game. You can fly permanently or try to travel underground. But, only level 45 players can have a chance to loot the mount.




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