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Fable 4 Might Be Unveiled Soon: What We Should Expect

Fable 4 could be finally announced sooner than we believed, at the Xbox Series X games event. 

The Restera games forum, a popular insider known as Klobrille, discussed a new entry in the Fable series. The game has many chances to make an appearance at the Xbox game showcase this week.

Klobrille had also stated that such an announcement would be an in-game trailer rather than any type of deep dive into the real gameplay. Here is what you need to know. 

Fable 4 Announcement and Other Significant Details

Klobrille said that we shouldn’t expect a Fable announcement with a gameplay demo at all. Most likely, we’re going to receive a more trailer-like thing, similar to the Horizon II trailer reveal. Klobrille explained: “An in-engine trailer but somewhat indicative of what to expect.”

Such a thing would indicate a game that reached a decent phase of development but isn’t at a stage where real in-game footage is ready to be shown. But it would still be a great announcement that Fable fans have been waiting for so many years. 

An upcoming Fable installment has seemingly been on the horizon for quite some time. However, different canceled projects slowly consume hope that a fourth proper part of the series would ever occur. Thanks to various rumors and leaks that started to surface last year, we know for sure that a Fable 4 is under development. 

A recent massive leak offers many details about the story of a destroyed Albion (the main setting for the Fable games) and the possibility of an open-world game, too, with a focus on doing things your way, time travel, and other worlds. The accuracy of such a leak has yet to be checked, but it offers us a hint at the path the upcoming Fable could take. 

We can expect a reboot of the series, with a more extended game that still holds some of the twists and humor synonymous with the Fable series. And we should also expect the game to be extremely significant, given it’ll have the Xbox Series X’s 12 teraflops of power. 



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