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Facebook Accounts Are Threatened by Hackers

Early this week, accounts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were hacked. Although it’s the most significant social network, Facebook can’t keep its accounts safe. This hacking plan is not just for social media networks, and other companies are targeted, companies like NFL, HBO, and the New York Times.

Nobody knows how this was possible, and now, precautionary measures are taken. One of those measures is to lock all the accounts and then return them to their rightful owner. Some of these accounts can be compromised during this process.

Twitter was the most affected platform, but also Instagram has some security problems. The same hacking group hacked all three platforms. This can rise to a great scandal. Especially since there are also endangered financial accounts that are directly connected to these three platforms, those things are happening every year, and there are a lot of hacking groups that can’t be found. I’ve heard that even an Uber account can be dangerous, and you can be hacked very quickly.

Hackers attacked millions of Facebook accounts

It is confirmed that over 13 million Facebook accounts on Twitter were hacked. The problem was solved immediately because the hacking process took just 30 minutes before it was stopped. Never the less, it was an embarrassing situation for Facebook. They had two significant problems in one week. The first problem was with the WhatsApp app, and it had one-click attack vulnerability.

The group that hacked these accounts is called OurMine, and they are located in Dubai. As we already know, the social media network was not their only target. The process was simple. They post themselves as a security consultancy. The purpose of their actions is not to fraud the users; the goal is to draw attention to vulnerabilities in the security of these accounts.

Of course, that this explanation doesn’t stand up, the reason is apparent why they hacked the accounts, and I think that the subject won’t have any debates. They have to be found.



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