Facebook Buys Giphy For Instagram

Facebook’s recent plans might be a little unexpected, but they’ll surely become hot news for some. The company decided to buy the well-known and praised GIF-making and sharing website, Giphy. The online database and search engine that let you search and share short videos with no sound was bought at a reported price of $400 million. Such information was shared by Axios, which also unveiled the price.

Now, Facebook plans to integrate the huge massive GIF library into Instagram and other Facebook-owned apps. How will users welcome such an update? If you want to find out more, here are the latest details.

Giphy For Instagram Will Be Soon Available

Giphy is best known as one of the biggest GIF websites on the Internet. It has the right amount of tools for sharing, remixing, or creating GIFs. For Facebook, this is not the first time when it interacts with Giphy. 

The social platform has already used the website’s API for soucing almost all the GIFs in its apps. From the main Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and finally, to WhatsApp, Giphy has become a huge source of joy for billions of users. Also, according to some Facebook reports, 50 % of all of Giphy’s traffic comes from its apps, and the rest is coming from Instagram. 

Singing for the new ownership, Giphy will soon be part of the Instagram environment. Facebook even wants to change some things for making the process of sending GIFs easier. So far, Facebook explained that things wouldn’t be modified at all for Giphy users. 

You’ll still be able to upload GIFs, the same goes with devs and API partners. Also, Giphy’s creative community will continue to create fantastic content. Facebook promised, however, to offer more details in the following weeks. We should wait and see how the social platform’s decision will affect, or not, Instagram users.

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