Facebook Condemns Apple On Tax For SMB Initiative

Apple has been in hot waters for its 30% cut for in-app purchases in recent months. Spotify filed a complaint that triggered an antitrust investigation in the European Union, with the Swedish company arguing that the practices favored by Apple hurt consumers and developers in the long run.

Epic Games has also filed a lawsuit and an injunction against the Cupertino giant, after an update which allowed Fortnite players on iOS devices to purchase V-Bucks directly from Epic led to the removal of the game from the App Store.

Under assault

A new major company has complained about Apple and its management decisions. Facebook released an official press statement a few days ago, convicting what it calls Apple Store Tax on the initiative to help small or medium-sized businesses (SMB) by using online events, which could increase the interest of potential customers.

The press statement mentions that the company asked Apple to reduce the 30% cut or allow the use of Facebook pay to allow Facebook to support vulnerable businesses, which have been hit quite hard by the pandemic. However, Apple refused the request, underlining the App Store payment policy.

Major complaints

Apple’s refusal to allow cloud-gaming services on the platform was also criticized by Facebook recently, as the company had to strip instant games feature from the Facebook Gaming iOS app. Microsoft was also disappointed by the decision and decided to terminate the beta trials for the iOS xCloud app.

On the side, Apple argues that rules are imposed for the benefit and safety of the customers while the 30% cut is an industry-standard, and it is more than fair for the services which are provided in exchange, including a fast and secure payments system.

As the pressure continues to grow, it is likely that Apple shareholders may take an interest in the current events.

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