Facebook Dating Arrives In Europe

Facebook has announced that its popular dating service is heading to Europe. The service has been available in the US for more than a year, but the company decided to delay the European version in February.

Known as Facebook Dating, the platform allows Facebook users to meet potential partners by matching, taking into account interests, membership in specific groups, and favorite events. Users will have to opt-in to use the service, which has a dedicated section within the Facebook app, and a Facebook Dating profile has to be created.

Fun features

One of the highlights of the service is represented by the secret crush feature, which enables users to mark a maximum number of nine Instagram or Facebook users that are either followers or friends. If they also mark you as a secret crush, a match will be signaled.

Another important detail is represented by the fact that all the features of the service are available for free, and there are no premium packs or functions that are hidden behind a paywall, as is the case for other popular dating apps, including Tinder or Bumble.

Dating during the pandemic

Dating habits have been influenced by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, as social restrictions and lockdowns have prevented in-person dates in man areas from all over the world. Some countries have pushed restrictions to interesting levels, as the UK has banned sexual intercourse between couples who live in different households, a rule that is available in certain regions.

The platform appears to be quite popular, as Facebook mentioned that more than 1.5 billion matches took place since the service was released. While the company hasn’t revealed the number of Facebook Dating users, it is worth noting that many people who are interested in this type of platforms prefer to use several apps to maximize the chance of finding someone.

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