Facebook Lasso vs. TikTok – The Battle of the Video-Sharing Networks

Lasso is a short-video sharing app by Facebook. Lasso was initiated on iOS and Android and aimed mostly at the teenage generation. It is at the moment available only in the USA and Latin America. Facebook Lasso is very similar to TikTok app, which is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

Due to their similarity, these two are going to compete for the public’s attention. Facebook Lasso is slowly making its way outside the US by launching in India this year, most probably by May. New evidence shows that WhatsApp will have a connection with Lasso. TikTok is already very popular, but Lasso is extending its boundaries, we expect to see some fears competition. Keep the popcorn ready!

Facebook Lasso vs. TikTok

Let’s talk a bit more about Lasso. The app’s team is very determined to explore all the possible areas to promote the Lasso app, according to EnTrackr. Facebook has been “mapping several aspects that triggered the growth of TikTok in India through third parties,” said a person from EnTrackr in a report. Much like TikTok, the Facebook Lasso aims at the younger generation, from teenagers to young adults.

It is well known that Facebook has a broad audience. WhatsApp and Instagram apps can connect with the Facebook app at any time, which makes sharing a lot more accessible. On the other side, TikTok is an independent app. However, it does not impede the app as its popularity runs worldwide. Lasso is rumored to have stiff competition with the increase in privacy issues.

Facebook Lasso To Integrate With WhatsApp

“WhatsApp is working on Lasso integration,” said back engineer Jane Manchun Wong in a tweet on her official tweeter page. This is pretty awesome as you can create videos on the app and after easily share them on the messaging platform. Reverse engineer Wong has shared photos on tweeter giving us an insight on the integration explaining how a Lasso link working on WhatsApp in PiP mode.

At the moment, we know nothing about the release of this new feature. Facebook Lasso’s initial release was on November 9, 2018, and was first launched in the US in 2019.

Facebook Lasso Is Expanding

According to Facebook, there have been more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store, which means it’s getting more and more popular. It has been reported that the short-video app will expand its platform in other emerging markets like Indonesia, for example. There would be no surprise if the Facebook Lasso app will launch in India as well as in other couples of South Asian countries this year.

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