Facebook Messenger Update Brings New Watch Together Feature

New Facebook Messenger Update

One of the greatest perks of the digital era is the ability to remain connected to the internet at all times and stay in touch with family and friends with the help of messaging apps.

Developed by the popular social media network, Facebook Messenger is an excellent messaging app that comes with a large number of perks and features that aim to enhance the user experience, offering an all-in-one communication solution that is free and safe to use for everyone.

Interact with millions of users

Staying in touch with friends and family is very important, especially in these difficult times. Enjoy the ability to send an unlimited number of text messages and perform crystal-clear calls without the need to worry about extra costs! Send messages and call people on the other side of the planet for free!

They say that sharing is caring, and with Facebook Messenger, it is really easy to share content easily. Send fun memes, beautiful images taken during the holiday, wholesome family videos, text documents, and more, thanks to a smart file sending protocol.

Lots of features

Create groups and talk with up to 50 other people at the same time. Share the latest news, important information, or make some plans easily, with access to lots of convenient options. Up to eight users can participate in group video calls, and fun face filters and other interactive features will make the conversation even better.

Keep your eyes safe with a dedicated dark mode that will also help your battery to last for a longer time. Want to share an important thing quickly? Record and send a voice or video message in less than a minute!

The alpha update comes with the ability to enjoy video content on Messenger Video Chat as well as new custom reactions that will add more flavor to conversations.

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