Facebook Messenger’s New Update: Forwarding Text Limit

After WhatsApp got it first, the message forwarding limit has been introduced to the praised Facebook Messenger. 

The limit added to Messenger allows us to send messages or videos only to 5 people at a time. If you forward messages to more than this amount or groups at a time, the new feature will warn you. 

The same thing goes for text and photos. Previously, in 2018, WhatsApp added such a forwarding limit in India. Here is everything you need to know. 

Why is This New Feature So Important?

Facebook decided to take this new step to stop encouraging misinformation on its platform. Such a thing is necessary because there has been a lot of harmful content on Messenger, as well as a lot of “wrong and misleading” propaganda about the new type of coronavirus.

Jay Sullivan is the Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy, and Safety. He stated recently that: “[…] introducing this feature as an effective way to slow the spread of viral misinformation and harmful content that has the potential to cause real-world harm.”

Forwarding Limit Details

Facebook adds the new limit feature just before elections in the US and New Zealand. Mark Zuckerberg said that he’d not accept any political ads and other information just a week before the elections. The social media platform will also eliminate the posts which spread misinformation regarding the election. 

It was earlier reported that the giant social media platform was developing this Messages Forwarding Limit back in March. Now, the feature is available to specific regions. Starting September 24 will be available worldwide.

Facebook has also detailed how significant this new step is to turn Messenger into a reliable and safe platform. Other safety features include two-factor authentication and an option of blocking someone’s account if the person sends inappropriate messages, videos, or photos. 

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