Facebook Might Launch the Dark Mode For Android Soon

Facebook has always been considered proactive in bringing new services and features for its platform. 

The social media giant has already launched many features this year, such as a new video conferencing platform called Messenger Rooms. But, one of the most expected features is the support for Dark Mode. Here are the latest details. 

When We Should Expect a Dark Mode For Android

Facebook is said to have under development a Dark Mode feature for quite a while now. But, no solid update was launched yet. 

However, some sources suggest that the feature will finally enter its final stages of production and become functional in the coming days. The Dark Mode for Facebook is believed to be initially available for Android devices. 

The social platform is also believed to launch some slew of features on its Android application, such as a coronavirus tracking feature and a Quite Mode. While the latter has already been confirmed for iOS devices, the first will arrive as a new feature, designed especially for the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As for the so-awaited Dark mode, the feature has been said to be available for the iOS and Android platforms for a long time now. But, the feature has been launched only for the desktop version. The mobile variant of the Dark Mode might arrive with similar features and layout as the desktop one. It is also believed to provide a manual toggle to turn on/off the mode. Users will be able to set it from the system settings on the notification tab. It is still unknown when the feature will be launched, but we can keep our fingers crossed and hope for a soon release. 

The Facebook tool for Covid-19 is also much-awaited. There are no details if the features will be limited to the US or will be released for the global market. 

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