Facebook Version Beta Improves Reliability And Gets New Fixes

Facebook is one of the top three most popular social networks in the world.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg over a decade ago.

The service quickly gained popularity, especially among teenagers and young adults at first.

Facebook is used by billions of people each day. It allows users to keep up with friends fast and easy.

Also, sharing updates, photos and checking out people from various groups or communities has never been easier.

Latest Version

The app reached version beta. The new version improves the service’s overall

With each version, the developers either add new content to the app or address issues that affected the experience.

You can download the latest version straight from Google Play. However, you probably already have it installed since smartphones tend to keep track of updates automatically.

However, if you turned off auto-updates, the app likely isn’t up to date.

In that case, you can either go to the app’s Google Play page and download the update if it is available or try a different approach – an updated apk file.

Apk files are the equivalent of computer programs but for smartphones. You can go to an apk site and download the latest version for all the apps you want.

However, there are some risks implied when you do that. Downloading apk files from unknown sources can be harmful for you device because you never know what you end up downloading. You can get the latest version of the app you want but you can also get some form of virus bundled with it!

The worst part is that you might get a malware-infested version of an app and not even know it, because the app would likely behave normally.

Still, if you have a source of apps that you know is safe and reliable, go ahead and use it!

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