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Facebook Will Retire Its Old Design In September

Facebook is working hard on new changes for the services it provides, and a major one is coming to the popular social platform in September. The iconic blue bar that has been a part of the interface on PCs since the service was launched will vanish.

The change is a part of the new design that will become the official one next month when the old one will be retired. Users have the option to pick between the two design choices for now, and it is heavily inspired by the current look of the mobile app version.

New look

An initial reveal of the new design took place at the Facebook developer conference in 2019, and it was integrated into the Android and iOS apps soon after. PC users had the option to use a beta version of the interface since March, but it was an opt-in choice.

While Facebook has good intentions, and the new interface will bring a unified look across platforms, it is likely that some users will not be pleased by the forced transition to a new interface, even if the company announced the change in advance.

Optimized for ease of access

The new interface does look really good, even if some major changes have been introduced. Several busy spaces are now cleaner, and there is lot of white of dark space, with the latter being available if users opt to engage the new dark theme.

Several key sections of the platform are underlined by being placed in the upper-mid area of the page, where the Home, Watch, Marketplace, and Groups buttons are located, as well as a more section that will take the user to a central hub.

Some will hate it, and some will love it, but it is a step in the right direction and a welcome change for those who are bored by the current design.



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