Fan-Made Remake for Half-Life: Black Mesa Is Receiving the First Build

The fan-made remake for Half-Life: Black Mesa created at Crowbar Collective, it is receiving the release 1.0 build and Early Access on March 5th, 2020. The game came in May 2015, in Steam Early Access, but the game was in development for 14 years. The project lead, Adam Engels, is also confirming this; because that was the time he joined the project. The post about the game is found in the Engel’s announcement.

About the Half-Life: Black Mesa Build 1.0

The game is the creation of a volunteer project, and in time they had the accept to sell the game, but the lack of money keep them away from selling it until June 2015. About the version 1.0, they are saying that this is the best version, the fun one, and the most polished. After the release, the game will receive constant bug fixes and support.

Also, even if the game started as a mod, now has a price of $20 on Steam. In August 2019, the game received a massive update called the Xen beta. The Xen beta was the final from the game. Of course, Black Mesa is not the only game created on a volunteer project and by fans. We have, for example, the Half-Life: Alyx, which will also launch to VR on March 23, 2020. You can pre-order it starting from now.

The Original Black Mesa Release

Black Mesa is a first-person shooter, inspired from the original Half-Life from 1998. The difference between the remake and the original are the models, the reskinned textures, and the NPCs. Of course, the remake is coming with and add to the dialogue and story departments.

In summary, in Black Mesa fan-made Half-Life built 1.0, you will see the redesigned Xen, which comes with the update from last year. The alien world was the worst part of the original game, and the project has given another face to the game.

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