Far Cry 6 Reinvents the Series with a Deep Take on the Game

Far Cry 6, as a game, is radically different from its predecessors. It is politically-loaded and it presents how different views always lead to conflict. The game takes place during an uprising in Yara, a country that is aesthetically and culturally inspired after Cuba.

The Setting of Far Cry 6

During the game, you will join a rebel force with the goal of overthrowing the bloody dictator, Anton Castillo. The goal of the rebellion is to bring Yara out of its period of economic stagnation and make it prosper again, no matter the cost.

As with previous Far Cry games, the villain plays a highly important role. They are given a lot of screen time and they get to explain their actions and their views. This is also the case with Far Cry 6.

What Is Different?

Despite some similarities, there are also a lot of differences between this game and the previous installments of the series. Since it is produced by Ubisoft Toronto, it tends to be a lot more revolution-oriented. The game’s narrative is about how the citizens of Yara rise up themselves, instead of waiting for someone from a different country to save them.

In the game, the protagonist will play the role of a member of the anti-fascist movement. Navid Khavari, the narrative director of Far Cry 6, recently gave an interview about the game and about how Dani Rojas, the protagonist, fits in the created universe.

The Ideas Behind the Game

Khavari mentioned that the idea for the story of Far Cry 6 stems from trying to understand the idea behind revolutions. Four and a half years ago, Khavari started working on the game. They researched a lot of history and even personally visited Cuba for inspiration. There are a lot of modern systems involved when you make a game about revolutions, according to Khavari. For example, there is systemic oppression, the nature of defiance, and what needs to be done for you to be pushed to pick up a gun and risk your life for what you believe in.

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