FarmVille 2: Country Escape Update 15.5.5688 Brings a Special Event

Many people will fondly remember their first attempt at cultivating plants in FarmVille, the first installment of the popular farm simulation game. The title rose quickly and became the most popular on Facebook in less than a year.

The simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics and colorful interface were a quick plus in a market that was quite saturated with simplistic games.  While the first version of a game remains popular among some people, Zynga has released a refreshed experience in the form of

Farm adventures

Starting a new farm is exciting, especially when there are lots of things to do. Brave farmers will receive a starter farm that comes with a few basic features but has to be improved if they want to become big-time farmers.

A major difference is represented by the fact that some of the past restrictions have been removed, and it is easier to grow fruits and vegetables, as each plot will offer the option to grow a single crop at a time.  Several plots can be placed to ensure a diverse harvest will be available.

Lots of activity

Of course, there is more to the farm life than growing crops, and the game will offer many opportunities to engage in interesting activities. Players can use the fruits and vegetables that have been harvested to create delicious foods, including a tasty apple pie.

The farm can be customized with the help of a large selection of accessories. Some of them can be found by exploring a hidden coastal farm, which houses many trinkets and rare items. There is also an interesting story to follow and a wide variety of farm animals that can be obtained and nurtured. Trade valuable items with friends and family!

The latest update, 15.5.5688, brings back the popular +Country Music Festival. Participate in the event to earn valuable items. Always download APK files from a trusted source.

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