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Files by Google Update 1.0.315758190 Comes With New Bug Fixes

Managing the available storage space on your Android smartphone can be a hassle in some cases, especially if you like or need to store a larger amount of files on your device. Google has a great solution that can make the task of organizing files a lot easier in the form of the Files By Google App.

Files by Google comes with a great array of tools and features that will enhance your mobile experience, as it is easier than ever to free up space, find important files easily and share them with a few taps.

Fast and useful

Running out of space? Only a few taps and you can free up space fast and easy. Filter the content you want to keep and shred old images, delete duplicate files, and uninstall old apps from the same menu, without the need to dive into the Settings section of your device.

Files will monitor your device constantly to track how the space is being used in the case of both the internal storage and the SD card. Transfer files between the two storage solutions at a great speed and use the file cleaner to free even more space.

Lots of features

Everything is shown in plain terms, so you always know what will be deleted. There is always the option to sort the files and choose what you want to delete, so valuable content will be safe. The amount of free storage space plays an important part in the performance of your device, so Files will ensure that your experience is smooth.

Harness the dedicated file search feature to track down important files without the need to scroll through all the folders on your device. Content is organized with the help of smart features that will facilitate quick access to what you need.

Several bug fixes and improvements are included in the 1.0.315758190 update. As always, download the APK from a safe source.



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