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Final Fantasy 7 Video Unveiled Three New Summons

The recent video from Square Enix unveils three new summons. These will be added to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. They will be available as a bonus for purchasing a particular version of the game. You should as well prepare your PlayStation 4 hard drive because the last specs of Final Fantasy 7 Remake have been unveiled.

There is no need to worry, but get ready for the game to arrive with over 100GB. Also, as previously announced, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will span two discs. The news about the game size was unveiled from Nitomatta on Twitter.

Cactuar, Chocobos, and Carbuncle Arrive as the Newest Summons for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

As the latest summons for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was unveiled, we find out how each of them has unique and quite intriguing features.

Cactuar will be noticed right away by all fans of Final Fantasy. The creature is previously known as an enemy, and then it became a summon. Cactuars are described as little cacti, generally portrayed having strong arms and legs, and three red feathers at the tip of their heads. You can catch one by buying the Digital Deluxe Edition or the physical unit of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Chocobos, on the other hand, are also very popular in the game series. They are large birds and roughly serve as the Final Fantasy equivalent of horses. You can summon a baby Chocobo only if you pre-order any variant of Final Fantasy.

As for the last summon, known as Carbuncle, some changes have occurred. The creature is now portrayed as a cute little dog, a fluffy, bouncy pet that will surprise many of the players.

The opening trailer video for the expected Final Fantasy 7 Remake was launched recently by Square Enix. The game will be launched soon, on April 10th, this year.



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