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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: After the Latest Updates, Here’s How to Play It on Noxplayer

After we got the latest update of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius mobile game, we soon heard that it might not be compatible with the NoxPlayer anymore, which was developed for the 32 bit OS.

As per the Issue Report made by the team behind Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the 64-bit version will be implemented to the Android version after an upcoming update that will take place in the second half of July. After this implementation takes place, those devices that are not of the 64-bit version won’t be able to support the game anymore. This means that you have to upgrade your device in order to play the game and enjoy it as you’re supposed to.

NoxPlayer will also come with a beta version, that will support all the 64-bit games sometime later this year. We are here to tell you how to play this 64-bit game with the NoxPlayer now.

First, you need to download and then install the Amazon App Store within the NoxPlayer app. For this, make sure you access the official website on NoxPlayer – the game should be downloaded and installed automatically from there.

Then, you need to sign in to the Amazon App Store. Then, you need to search and then, when you find it, install the game.

Well, that is about it, now you can fully enjoy the game. Make sure you use your account when you’re playing the game in order to sync the progress across devices.

About Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This game is a free role-playing game that was developed by Alim and then published by Square Enix. It runs for those devices with Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android. It is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series. This is the very first time Square Enix has made a partnership with Alim.



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