Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite Announcement – What’s New?

Square Enix announced that this August, we’ll finally be able to relive the tale of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles On PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

The company has also announced a demo version named Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite.

The Lite version will feature the first three dungeons online and offline, with cross-play capabilities to provide gamers with a preview before they decide to purchase the game.

The good news is that players who own the full version of the game will be able to host multiplayer sessions with Lite players.

Therefore, up to four people can play through 13 dungeons with only one of them owning the full game.

Also, if you decide to buy the full game, your save data is preserved and carried over so you won’t have to start over again.

New Features

The developer revealed some new features of the upcoming game. For starters, it will include an updated soundtrack, new difficulty levels, quick chat, and others.

A quick chat is a new tactical means of communication to send text-based instructions to teammates during online sessions.

New difficulty modes can be accessed after finishing the main scenario. High difficulty dungeons were created for skilled adventurers.

The game’s soundtrack received more than fifty new tracks composed especially for it.

Some UI improvements were made, including an increased material capacity, which makes exploration easier. Also, a mini-map was added for a better understanding of the environments.

The Magic Timer is another new feature and it helps players to synchronize and combine magical attacks to unleash powerful abilities.

Release Date

The new, remastered edition of Crystal Chronicles will be available on August 27.

The game sounds extremely promising so you should consider giving it a try!

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