Find Sharky Shell in Fortnite: What Should You Know

Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 comes with a bunch of new challenges, one of which requires us to find the Sharky Shell.

The theme of the current Fortnite chapter is Marvel-related. We have witnessed a ton of Marvel Comics content, including iconic heroes and superpowers.

Among the new challenges introduced in Fortnite Season 4 Week 9, we have to locate Sharky Shell. As you might think, this is not a hard thing to do. But how about landing there and finishing top 25?

The following tips and tricks will help you. Here is what you need to know. 

Find Shark Shell

Sharky Shell is described as one of the northwestern-most points on the map. 

Even if most of Chapter 2, Season 4 tasks invite us to explore new Marvel-themes stuff, some continue to revolve around the continuously-expanding Coral Castle. With this in mind, remember that Sharky Shell is north of the castle, at the crossroad of Column B, Row 1 of the map. 

Landing Details

Landing at Sharky Shell is an easy task. What’s next is more intriguing.

Once you reach Sharky Shell, there are no more than 26 participants left in the match. The challenge will be automatically registered as complete only after you successfully landed there.

Other Significant Details

Fortnite’s collection of Avengers and X-Men characters has succeeded in taking almost all the attention away from other stuff available in the game. You’ll notice that when landing at Sharky Shell, you won’t see any Marvel-related content. 

Most of Season 4’s challenges and quests have involved more legwork, such as infiltrating both Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom’s properties and taking down the regenerating Wolverine. So, as great as these tasks might be, landing at Sharky Shell is better because it’s nice to return a bit at simpler challenges. 

Fortnite was launched for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC users.


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