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Find the Mayor of Freezington in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced the Crown Tundra DLC recently and a lot of great content.

The new DLC allows us to explore the south of Galar’s region and meet new friends and new Pokemon. The Mayor of Freezington, for instance, is one of the new characters that we’ll encounter. He’ll also prove to be an important character because he can help us catch the Legendary Pokemon Calyrex. 

After meeting Calyrex, we’ll be asked to speak with the Mayor about finding its faithful steed.

Here is what you need to know.

Straight to the Giant’s Bed

You’ll notice that the Mayor of Freezington is nowhere to be found after you have encountered Calyrex. Finding him is not quite easy, but the following tips and tricks will help you.

First, talk with the woman outside the Mayor’s door. Then, go straight to the Giant’s Bed, south-east of Freezington. 

On your way, you’ll need to pass through Frostpoint Field and look after some ruined building. Beyond them are some fields. If you’re lucky enough, the Mayor will be right there!

More Details

Talking with the Mayor will continue the Crown Tundra quest series. You’ll find out how worried he is about the poor soil in the area and the not so successful harvest. These are, of course, issues related to the King of Bountiful Harvests challenge. 

After the Mayor is done talking, he’ll ask you to meet him again at his house. You must follow him and continue the story. 

Furthermore, the Mayor will prove once again how valuable he is. His knowledge about the Reins of Unity item will help you catch Calyrax’s steed in The Crown Tundra. 

Notably, depending on your choices within the quest, you’ll get the steed – especially the choice of where to grow the Carrot Seeds.

Pokemon Sword and Shield was launched only for Nintendo Switch users.



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