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Fire Emblem Heroes 4.7.0 Update Adds Auto-Dispatch Feature To Aether Raids

The Fire Emblem series is one of the most popular video game RPG franchises in the world.  The popular fantasy tactical role-playing adventures offer unforgettable stories and remarkable encounters that can test the skills and strategic ability of players while also offering great gameplay experience.

Fire Emblem Hero has been designed from the ground-up to deliver a fun experience on smart devices as players will have access to a rich assortment of heroes from the Fire Emblem universe. Intuitive touch controls will enhance the user experience with fluid triggers and functions.

Timeless gameplay experience

Embark on an extensive story that was written specifically for this title and discover hundreds of characters and Heroes across the battlefield.

Hundreds of story stages will deliver a fascinating story that reunites some of the most popular characters in the Fire Emblem universe in a fight against a common villain. The story continues to evolve as new chapters are released on a regular basis.

Immersive and customizable

Each Hero comes with its own mixture of traits, and players can use them to create powerful teams that can tackle any challenge. Pay attention to some details during the planning stage as factors like the shape of the map can play an important role during the battle.

Battles bestow a selection of rewards as Heroes level up, earning access to new skills, weapons, armor, and much more. Pick the best-in-slot items to ensure that your Heroes are as effective as they can be and consolidate the road towards victory.

The latest update for the game, 4.7.0, comes with an Auto-Dispatch option for Aether Raids. Players will be able to activate the feature in aa variety of situations, including when they need t finish a battle quickly or don’t have any escape ladders left. As always, download any APK files or updates from a trusted source.



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