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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cindered Shadows Comes With New Characters

The upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ installment called ‘Cindered Shadows’ will allegedly come with some new characters for players to enjoy.

It has been reported that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have proceeded with the implementations needed just like they did before the main game’s launch. The second character to appear in the game on the official Japanese Twitter account is Constance. This character is voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt, who was also involved in The King of Fighters XIV, voicing Blue Mary.

Constance is an aristocrat from the Empire, more precisely the last heir of the Nuvelle family. The royal family has almost been entirely exterminated during a war that shook the country a few years ago. In spite of being in Abyss, Constance has not given up the dream of revitalizing her house. She is vigorously looking for chances to accomplish something that would force the world to see her. Even though her language is formal, she doesn’t hide her personality at all.

Players Have a Restricted Number of New Characters for the DLC

The new ‘Cindered Shadows’ DLC will be launched on February 12th, and will also come with a free update.

Previously, it was confirmed that the upcoming installment would require players to utilize predetermined characters to complete the DLC. However, now, due to a series of posts on Twitter, it has been further explained that this means players will be able only to use 11 characters throughout the entirety of the installment. The list includes the player avatar Byleth, the three house leaders, three extra representatives from each house, and the four newly incorporated Ashen Wolves characters.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses are now available for Nintendo Switch as an exclusive title, and it shipped 2.29 million units until September 30th of last year alone. The Ashen Wolves campaign will go live on February 12th, 2020, in North America, and February 13th in Europe and Japan.



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